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Intro: HDD Necklace

From time to time I find some things in my chaos which are simply fascinating. Like a 1,4" HDD I think out from a Ipod. In the year 2004 1.5Gb in such a small case was astonishing. Nowadays it's nothing.

I had several plans with it. My first idea (2012) may I'm able to use the HDD with a Microcontroler. (2014) Lets build a small Watch out of it. (2017) My wife need a new necklace tomorrow for the baptism of my niece. While riding a letter for her 18th birthday (she is actually 1 year old and will get all the letters on her 18th birthday (in the year 2034)) I've created something which was commented by my wife with: "ohh, that's ... nice" ;-)

Step 1: Open the HDD

At first, open all screws you see. Then remove all sticker on the HDD and remove the hidden screws as well.

Step 2: Remove the Magnetic Shield

There are often some shielding on HDDs. I also removed it to lower the risk of (sharp) edges.

Step 3: Remove All Electrical Components and Fix the Head

In the inside of the HDDs are at least some PCB for the read /write head. I've also removed it due to the to simple optic.

Also I've glued the head onto the plate, this way every part of the HDD can be noticed.

Step 4: Prepare the Main PCB

Noe it's time to prepare the main PCB.

Step 5: Glue on the Main PCB

Now glue on the main PCB onto the plate like the read/write head. I've used simple super glue, nothing fancy.

Step 6: The Eyelet

My wife loose one earring from time to time. So I've a never ending source of potential eyelets.

Now, decisions need to be made. You can use:

- A nylon string
- a chain

- some wire

- ....



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