HEADMUFFS - Headphones Earmuffs

Perhaps not quite so useful in the summer months, but what do you do when you're out in the cold of winter, or maybe late on a clear night, and you want to enjoy your music without the awkward and uncomfortable hat+earphones? make some muphones! or muffones.. or headmuffs.. its up to you :)

Since i made these i found out they have already been thoughtof :( as has the speaers-in-a-hat i also made a while back (though mine had an mp3 player builtin ;)) See: http://www.hearmuff.com/

This is my first instructable, and i'm making these for my girlfriends birthday.. go nerd presents!

Step 1: Tools and Parts

First you need your tools and equipment. you will need:

A pair of ear muffs
A set of headphones (supra-aural or circum-aural)
A set of earphones, for lead replacement (optional)
A soldering iron (or gun)
Glue (plastic glue or superglue - not shown)
And possible a kinfe/scissors/clippers.

Step 2: Mounting the Drivers

After taking apart your donors and extracting their organs, including the drivers from the headphones (de-soldered from the wire), the lead from the earphones and the earmuffs, you need to mount the headphone drivers (the speaker bits) into the casing of the earmuffs. Mine already had a hole pretty much perfect for the skullcandy lowrider drivers, so with just afew small shavings taken off of the plastic, they fit snugly into place.

Remember to get them pointing inwards! Then add a little glue to ensure they stay where theyre supposed to. i used plastic model glue (Airfix type plastic cement) but superglue would probably work just as well if not better.

Leave this to dry, then proceed.

Step 3: Wiring Up

First, make a hole through the furry outer part of the ear muffs to thread the wire through. Draw the wire through this hole and loop it through a hole or tie a knot to prevent the wire pulling on the soldering whilst being worn.

Solder the tips of the wire to the drivers. one side of the driver will normally be marked with ink or a '+' stamp, ensure that you are consistent with the wiring, i.e. the ground wire goes to the un-marked terminal on both speakers. this ensure they are in phase, so the sound is correct when listening.

Step 4: Protection & Covering Up

To prevent the diphram of the drivers being dampened, causing a tinny quieter sound, we need to ensure nothing is touching them. To do this, use the original covering, but trimmed to just fit over the edges of the speaker. i used angled clippers, but many other tools would be just as appropriate.

Glue these covers around the edge and place them ontop of the speaker, taking care not to get any glue on the diaphram or any porous or foam type materials, including the thin layer of material on the cover, as thiss will break down the plastic and usually cause it to form a ridgid solid. Let the glue dry.

Step 5: Re-assembly

Finally, replace the foam into the fur, insert the plactic containing the drivers, and replace the top layer of material. pull the wire tight, and you have your new cosy headphones! you can cut a circle in the top foam layer, in front of the speaker, to allow sound to travel through better, but i have left it as it is. they are extremely comfortable, and still very warm, and dont sound bad at all!

Thanks for reading, please be kind it's my first instructable.
Rate and comment, and leave pictures if you make your own!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, my name is Alan Roberts and I am a huge fan of this site. I just built the bike repair stand from here last weekend and it rocks! I am writing to request that you take down this page, or at least remove the name "Hearmuffs." I own the trademark on that name, and it relates to a product I invented that is very similar to this instructable. I am concerned that people searching for my product will land on this page by accident. You are using my trademark without permission, so please take it down ASAP. You wouldn't create an instructable called "Microsofty" would you? Thanks!

    3 replies

    It was given the name after a comment left on the instructable with the suggestion. i thought of the idea myself and created them my self with no knowledge of your product or any like it in existance so in my opinion, i invented them too. I will change the name if you are convinced this page will reduce the sales of your product, but if you were a true fan of this website you would realise the point of it. I will post your message on the comments to my instructable to let people know why the name was changed, this may even make people more aware of your product. James

    Thanks, James. I sincerely appreciate the prompt reply. I invented this product in 1998, and started it as a business in 2001 after being laid off in the wake of 9-11. I took it onto QVC in 2005, where I sold 700 in seven minutes, then soon after sold a majority stake in the company, where it is now languishing in limbo until I can convert my portion into a non-profit. I donated 500 Hearmuffs to the Ronald McDonald House in 2008 (the remainder of my inventory) because, as it turns out, the product is ideal for cancer patients. I learned this from a friend who gave one to her father. When going through chemo and the subsequent hair loss, a Hearmuff helps keep your head warm in the hospital. And you can listen to your iPod, Playstation, etc., at the same time. I spent over $40K of my own money on the business and am in the process of recovering. It was an amazing learning experience, in so many ways, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Having said that, I do have to insist that the name of the item on your page be changed. Instructables is a wonderful site with tons of traffic, and I simply cannot have potential employers, buyers, etc., doing a Google search and landing on this page. I own the trademark, and I'm sure you and your staff understand the value of that. You do not have to take down the page, but the name or term "Hearmuff" cannot appear anywhere on it without a registered trademark next to it. That is the law, and I did not write it. Once again, I appreciate the feedback. Please let me know if there will be further complications regarding this matter. -Alan

    I have had to revert the name from hearmuffs to headmuffs after some aparent trade-mark discression (see other comment from member 'hear muff') :o :(

    I have reverted the name from hearmuffs to headmuffs after some aparent trade-mark discression.


    9 years ago on Step 5

    this was a awesome idea! ive been thinking of making something like this for a long time but i didnt know how. ThAnKs!!!!!!

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    AH so amazing. i was considering doing this kind of thing much more low-tech before i saw this instructable (stuff some earbuds into a pair of earmuffs) but this looks like it would produce much better results. just one question: where did you get the earmuffs? i looked all over the place during winter and couldn't find a thing.

    1 reply

    I got mine from eBay a month or so ago for only £3 =) I'm glad you like it! Don't forget to post a picture if you decide to make some, and please rate :)


    i like this idea, i might even make myself a pair (not pink) i suggest using a old memory foam pillow or something of the like to make it warmer/comptroller

    5 replies

    the pink was for my other half :) and the foam that came with the ear muffs was similar to that sort of foam.. at the prices i have seen them (sometimes 60quid per pillow!) it would hurt to cut them up! but oh my they would be comfey :) post a pic if you give it a go!

    i think that i will try to make a comftrabler one using my old memory mattress pillow.. i think that it would be too comfy thought... but if im making it might as well go all the way right? .....so the top it off im going to add heat packs in them (ellectronic) to keep my ears toasty... ill post a pic when i make this hope to see more awsome instructables!!!!!