Introduction: HEALTH BAND (Intel IoT)

The health band is an interactive device and a useful enabler for the Internet of Things. It is designed for three purposes-

· giving daily pulse rate measures on an android app

· saving a person from choking due to excessive alcohol consumption

· measuring the body pulse and able to detect any change in body.

The health band consists of a 4-fold detection protocol for alcohol choking: detecting blood alcohol content, measuring pulse rate, measuring sweat level and detecting person’s orientation. If three or more protocol values meet the required conditions, notifications will be sent and calls will be made to concerned people and to a doctor using GSM . GPS is used to give the location of the affected person.


1. Arduino uno

2. Intel edison

3. Alcoholic sensor

4. Sweat sensor

5. Accelerometer

6. Electricity tape

7. HC06 (Bluetooth module)

8. Pulse sensor

Step 2: Setting Up Intel Edison

Starting with Intel Edison Dev Board to the computer ,and running the Putty Shell.

First install the MRAA Library in the pre-existing 'yocto' image.This can be done by using the steps mentioned in the link below :

Installing the MRAA library on Intel Edison : Now, we are ready to interface the sensors on our Intel Edison.

Step 3: Interfacing the Sensors

Alcoholic sensor:(MH MQ-6)

They are used in gas leakage detecting equipments in family and industry, are suitable for detecting of
LPG, iso-butane, propane, LNG, avoid the noise of alcohol and cooking fumes and cigarette smoke.

Sweat sensor(HL-01):

They are used for detecting the sweat level of the body by sending the digital data to intel edison.

Accelerometer: (MPU-6050):

It is used for detecting the orientation of human body by giving the XYZ co-ordinates in the form of anlaog values which can be received and analysed by intel edison to get the proper orientation of the body.

Pulse sensor:

Pulse sensor is used to detect the human body pulse.

interfacing of pulse sensor is given in the link

Here the pulse sensor is connected to intel edison via serial communication between arduino,on which the pulse sensor is interfaced. The code for pulse sensor interface on arduino is given at :

Step 4: Final Code

Final code is given for uploading on Intel edison with arduino uno connected to intel edison via serial communication on which the code for pulse sensor has been uploaded.

Step 5: Final Prototype

In the health aspect, pulse is read from the pulse sensor (connected to Arduino UNO). Arduino is serially connected to Edison. Pulse is compared to various threshold values (normal pulse rate varies from 60 to 100 bpm for normal adults) and for very high or low values, notifications appear.

The alcohol choking aspect uses the four sensors connected to Edison. We get analog values for different readings. We have used nested if else loops for various values.

We have used Intel IoT Analytics cloud. Alcohol consumption data on a daily basis is transferred to the cloud and comparison is plotted using graphs.

Project Link:

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