HENry Houdini- Fun Egg

well this is a simple, quik way to make a magician easter egg.

it is made of materials found right at home, thats a good thing for you lazy chickens :P

Step 1: Gather Materials

materials you need:

hollow egg(see next step)
black marker(not sharpie)
googly eyes
construction paper: black and red
a knife
a bowl.

Step 2: Hollow the Egg

what you do is get a knife and start poking the big part of the egg, the more pointed part is where the hat goes.
once you have a nice hole, use your fingernail to edge away a bit more of the shell.

poke a hole in the membrane and lightly shake the egg above a bowl to get out the yolk, dont worry about the waste, you can make an omelet or something.

carefully wash out the egg and let it dry for a while.

Step 3: Make the Hat

while the egg is drying, you probably want to make the hat.  what you do here is cut out a long strip of black construction paper and roll it up, make shure to glue (or tape) it so it doesnt come loose.    

Step 4: Make the Face

hot glue some googly eyes to the egg, with a marker, (if you use sharpie, use a normal one, the fine tip ones dont work), draw a mustache and a mouth on the egg. 

Step 5: Finish Up

glue the hat to the egg. and your done!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Glue some heavy things at the bottom inside, such as ball bearings or sand. This will make houdini stand up on his own. Looks cool!

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