HER "Go Anywhere" Portable Urinal

If you're anything like me, you like the KISS methodology. Ladies' urinals don't get less complicated or more practical than this.  

Matter of fact, I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves but here goes anyway.

You need one empty plastic water or pop bottle
A knife
Duct tape

Use your knife to start the initial cut in the plastic. Cut downward toward the base.

Use the scissors to cut a largish egg shaped opening on a slight diagonal.

Fold small strips of duct tape over the cut edges to cover completely.  When you tape around a curve, cut the tape so it folds in easily.

Leave the outer wrapper intact so it's more discreet. 

This can be rinsed out and reused.

Be happy if you have male plumbing, or one of these if you don't. 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my! I'm a 73-yr-old lady who has suffered from "Penis envy" since I was in kindergarten - I had a brother & when our family went fishing, my sister & I would always have to have Dad land the boat & then find a log to sit on! If only someone had showed us this! At my age I often just make it home in the car but can't make it inside to the bathroom so (I live in the country) now I can just stand behind the garage and take care of business. I love this!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I just decided to try to make one of these then realized there is a better way, no duct tape etc.
    I took an empty hair spray pump bottle, or you may use any reasonable facsimile it must be long, thin and made of sturdy plastic and have a small opening on one end. Just take a sharp knife and slice off the wide end, you may need to cut off some little shaving so it is smooth. That is it. I just tried it and it works great, and you do not even have to bend over just hold it up against your body at a slight angle downward, and voile. The bottle just needs to be washed and there is not tape to hold odors it is perfect. Keep a plastic bag handy for storage, I use the plastic bag that holds my paper delivery just the right size.I

    1 reply

    There's always a better way to do almost anything. Most people have a plastic pop or water bottle handy. A hair spray botttle, maybe?

    I'm glad you found something that works just as effectively as those expensive gadgets.

    Thanks for your comment.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have a Shewee and it wroks great but I missplaced it. I like your method, I think this will work just fine, I just wish we could make a smaller more discreet one.