I made this flyer to a halloween party.

The people made their own costumes, and I did mine... harley Quinn was my choise

Pictures down!!!!

Step 1: Robin Costume

my best friend used a Robin Costume, she did it by her self

she used some brilliant fabrics, and a mask in her face

Step 2: Joker Nurse

This one is my boy friend

I made his costume, we use a doctor´s coat, white of course, a white skirt too, and harvey dent sign with a sticker

Step 3: Harley Quinn Costume

This me
I made my own costume. I use a old t shirt and painted this with some fabric Paints the little shorts, i did it with red and blue fabric and the beautifull bat i did it, a craftsman carpenter built the piece for my and with a sharpie i wrote some Harley´s stuff, I put some hockey tape in the bottom of the bat .... some make up and thats it!!!!

Step 4: Here We Are

I used a jacket too .... My best halloween ever

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