HIGHLIGHTS: Alleyway Projection



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The idea of the project "Highlights: is to really transform dark public spaces (or alleyways) into usable space at night through thoughtful video/mapping projections.

It could also be a very educational approach, i.e. transforming the alley into a native redwood forest and projecting native flora and fauna, or something that is historically or culturally significant to the alley like the mural that we had done.

Overall goal is to revitalize these urban voids for people to walk through at night and feel safe. It’s an idea that could be used in any urban environment scale: city, state, country-  as every built-up environment has these dark spaces between buildings. It could be a way to really revitalize an area and introduce people, business, and culture into a space that is perceived negatively.


Step 1:

Select a site.

Step 2:

Select medium. Could be site specific / site signficant. In this case, a mural. Photograph and document medium to be downloaded into the computer for editing.

Step 3:

Bring file into computer to edit through various programs such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, or Premier. In this case, After Effects was used to illuminate the mural.

Step 4:

At this point, gather projectors, shelves, ladders, laptops, extension cords, etc. Contact adjacent tenants to utilize space and power. Best create a water and tamper proof container to keep projector safe from the outside elements.

Step 5:

Set up projector with illustration, imagery, or video to be mapped onto medium. Depending on the size of the medium, multiple projects may be required to fill the entire space.

Step 6:

Mapping of imagery onto the medium, in this case using "Mad Mapper"

Step 7:

Project imagery onto medium: highlighting the alleyway.

Step 8:



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