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When we are teenagers our skin develops a slightly acid layer called an acid mantel that protects us from viruses and bacteria that causes us to be sick.  Soap is the number one thing that destroys that protective layer on our skin.  I have already discussed how chemicals, toxins,  and PH in-balance causes many problems with our health.  Acne, and other skin disorders are  no exception  when it comes to PH in-balance. 

After you check your PH and cleanse the toxins in your body it is important to use natural skin care products that do not contain all those chemicals used in bath and body products today.  All those chemicals change the PH balance on your skin, which leads to dry skin, rashes, oily skin, and acne.

Look at the labels on your bath and body products and do a Google search to see if they are chemicals.  You might type in health risk of Laural sulfate. 

Using natural soaps with olive oil instead of animal products is very beneficial for healthy skin.   There are recipes on soap making on the Internet as well. 



While you are cleansing your body to reach the perfect PH balance you can use a couple of things to reduce foot odor and body odor.  I have had great success using Liquid Chlorophyll to reduce odors. 

Add 1 tablespoon to a small amount of drinking water and drink this one time a day.   Liquid Chlorophyll is very beneficial as a supplement to your diet.  

I have also used peroxide,  adding a sprayer to the bottle and just before I get into the bath tub I spray feet and armpits with it and let it stay on the skin for a minute before I soap down.  

Other things that help with foot odor is wearing leather shoes, WHITE cotton socks and changing your socks everyday. 

Wearing natural fiber  clothing is also beneficial. 


Jojoba oil is a natural oil that comes the closest to our skins own natural oils.  I have had great success using Jojoba oil in my bath or on my skin to prevent dry skin.  If applying directly to your skin do this when you first get out of the shower when your skin is slightly damp.  Doing this absorbs into your skin better.    


Just for the purpose to have a picture I took a picture of distilled vinegar BUT it is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR that is most beneficial to your health.  I am out so I took a picture of white vinegar.  Apple cider has a lot of health benefits.  Examples are it lowers your blood sugar, great hair rinse, helps arthritis pain, athletes foot, age spots, dandruff, bruises, sun burn, foot odor, coughs, colds,  and acne just to mention a few. 

Take 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of honey in a glass of water twice a day to help lower blood pressure. 

How many of us have used deodorant?  Our body sweats to get rid of toxins in our bodies so what we are doing is stopping this process and toxins remain in our bodies and go into organs and begin to weaken them.  Underarms can be kept free of odor causing bacteria by wiping them once a day with undiluted apple cider vinegar.

Due to its mineral content, Apple cider vinegar helps to sustain bone mass and fight against osteoporosis. The important minerals involved include manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and silicon.

There are too many health benefits to mention here from apple cider vinegar.  Just do a Google search. 
Be sure to check out my other instruct-ables on a healthy glowing body.  My next one is how to clear acne naturally. 



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    You information was interesting and well written. I agree that it is crucial to decrease the amount of chemical "crud" we ingest and absorb every day. It makes me very happy to see my kids making the right decisions about avoiding harmful products. Thanks for putting this together.

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    The good news is when they move away from home they will show you how much they were listening to mom! Both of my kids eat healthy and are interested in staying healthy! Thank you for stopping by and sharing! Have a splendorous day!

    Antiperspirant prevents sweating. Deodorant only prevents or masks body odor. You just have to read the label carefully to make sure that your deodorant does not also include antiperspirant.

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