I have made an automatic sprayer for cattle and it is working very well.
I will describe how I made it and later I will get some pictures and post them here. It is installed remotely and I forgot to bring a camera when I finished the installation.
The list of parts are not long and the assembly is very intuitive.

- 12V DC Solenoid BRX12SLD100

- 12V DC motion sensor BRXMS12VDC5AND

- 2 golf cart batteries from Sams Club Duracell GC2 Item # 347700 => 20 amp hour rate:215.

- 12 Volt DC Transfer Pump from Harbor Freight Item # 94639
- 100W Solar panel from Home Depot. Model # GS-Star-100W
- Solar Charge Regulator from Harbor Freight. Item # 96728
- 3 misting hoses with misting nozzles from Home Depot

1- Place the Solar panel facing South West (in the USA) tilted by ~10 degrees. Make sure it does not have obstructions in front of it.
2- Connect the two 6V DC golf cart batteries in series so they become 12V DC for input and output.
3- Connect the charger controller to the solar panel and to the battery following the instructions that came with it.
4- Connect the Solenoid to the battery and to the motion sensor as shown on the attached picture. Where it shows "Timer" on the picture, replace with the "Solenoid".
5- Connect the pump to the Solenoid.
6- I bought a faucet splitter from Home Depot and connected the 3 misting hoses to it
7- Place the misting hoses around 7 ft from the ground and pointing down on a 50 degrees angle. This should allow for plenty of mist for several cows. They will get used to "drive by" and have some refreshing as well as getting a relief from the flies. After a while they will come by whenever they feel the flies pestering them.
8- Connect the pump to the drum, containing the mixture for the bugs, and to the splitter which are connected to the 3 misting hoses. You can attach more or less hoses. It will depend on the layout of the place you intend to install them as well as how many cows you have and how they gather together.

Depending where you live you may want to increase the number of batteries and\or solar panels. Sometimes you have several cloudy days on a roll and then you will not have battery charge to power the pump.
I will post more details later.

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    7 months ago

    He never posted the photos?


    3 years ago

    I'm curious to see how your setu looks and wirks


    3 years ago

    Nice, do you have a photo of the completed sprayer?