Hi All, attached is My mini class, "T" (tripath)  amplifier. this was a modified LEPAI 2020+ unit with upgraded Rubycon audio grade capacitors and a 3A 12V DC laptop power supply. All stuffed into my wife's sugar acrylic canister. INCREDIBLE audio performance, i'd easily say it stands toe to toe with B&W's zeppelin if not slightly better in the mids & higher frequencies. For pc's, its without a doubt ABSOLUTELY second to nothing on the general consumer market and DEVASTATES 90% of all dedicated micro hifi components. Speaker being tested with is Boston Acoustics SE60's, 91dB sensitivity & 4 ohm impedance. Proto still being developed. I've found in pushing the limits with 4ohm loads the amp cuts when it feels its been driven to hard at which point I have to restart it again. If wired in series though to 8Ohm the drivers are easily driven without problems. Pic doesn't do this much justice, the unit has a very cool glow to it (leds from the board substituted to the ping pong balls,) create this very cool glow to the unit and looks awesome in the dark especially as the light reflects off the inside wall of the acrylic jar. Please if you do wish to tackle a mod like this get guidance from a qualified electrician and be very careful with how you handle a soldering iron, you'll probably find that its all good and well soldering all the changes outside, but when it comes to fitting everything into the jar things can get very tricky. Anyway. Enjoy guys and let me know what you think of my weekend project. Am currently working on a second prototype and will have the youtube videos up and running as soon as I'm able. 



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    Shane DiazToyMaker

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    will post as soon as i iron out all the bugs, By the third prototype I shall post what should be a fool proof plan.


    2 years ago

    Hi, looks like an interesting project!

    Concerning your speakers, maybe you should take a look at this website:


    Lower frequencies are kind of omni-directional and placing the drivers up gives great open sound. The high frequencies are very directional and for good sound, should be firing more or less towards the listener. The mids have a something in between behavior..Taking that in consideration may give you the more improved sound you are looking for.

    Have fun!


    2 years ago

    Clever Idea. Are you doing anything to ventilate the "enlosure?":