Hi guys, I am Manoj Kumar N R from DEFY educational organisational Kaggalipura. Today I am going to show you how to make home made weed killer.In backyard of our organistonal there was lot of weed has grown, I could thought to destroy it. I had found some sollutoion through you tub tutorial. It is rellaly workbl that is why I am making this documentation I hope this information will help you.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) 8liter

2) 1kg salt

3) dish wash jel

4) spray

Step 2: Making Sollution

take a bucket of 8liter of whater.

add 1kg salt to whater, pour a 250ml of dish wash gel. now mix it well all togther.

pour the sollution in of spray bottle,

Step 3: Usage

  • pour the sollution on weed
  • after 26hrs weed well get burn.

Step 4:



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