HOMEMADE PRO CO RAT Distortion Pedal

Introduction: HOMEMADE PRO CO RAT Distortion Pedal

About: Hi, I'm actually an IT consultant but love engineering. I love to try, do DIY stuff which are cost effective and solve my purposes.

Hi all, This is my first try to make my own distortion pedal, as I have some electronics background so I could understand the available material to take a start :).

The pedal is basically based on PRO CO RAT Distortion pedal and I took the reference from these two sites


While designing the pedal I couldn't find many electronic components like the FET transistor(2N5458) and some capacitors so I've replaced them with combination of capacitor network and by BJT transistor (C1815) and diodes (1N4148).

Also I'm a beginner in playing the electric guitar so in the video I just showed that my circuit is working. Also I attched one small audio clip of HELLS BELLS Intro here.

Please check the video here.

I've upload one test audio file (sorry for bad recording because of mobile phone)

Step 1: Testing on Breadboard

I first made the circuit on breadboard just to ensure that everything is just fine.

I did it step by step from power supply to buffer circuit. Please check the images to get the idea.

Step 2: Creating the PCB

After testing the circuit and making the changes like changing the output buffer with Tube Screamer pedal buffer and including extra LEDs for creating crunchy distortion (a green and red one at bottom) I can switchover between the diode clipper (1n4148 diodes) and LED clipper just by a switch. Also I didn't soldered the TONE, DRIVE and VOLUME variable resistors directly with the PCB, I did it using connectors (check images).

I'll make the final arrangement inside a box and will post the pics soon......till the time lets listen some SLAYERRRRR..\m/

Step 3: Final Touch...putting Up All Things in a Plastic Case

I used one plastic case (SWITCH board actually) and with some soldering and with some connectors I enclosed everything in it :).

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