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Introduction: HOO Ever Made Such a Cute Owl

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Little Owls are cute and easy to make, they are small and make great gifts.

Also, a great way to use up those little scraps of yarn that you just can't throw out, but have been getting in your way.

Step 1:


How do I make a Slipknot?

  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • worsted weight yarn
  • large craft needle
  • 10mm safety eyes
  • fiberfill

Step 2:

Start with a slip knot

CH 3, in 1st sc 6

Step 3:

sc2 in each sc around (12 st)sc

Step 4:

1, sc 2 in next* repeat to stare 6 times(18 st)

Step 5:

Repeat row 3 until 28 st

Step 6:

sc 28 all the way around and repeat 6 times,

It should start to form a bowl-like a shape.

Step 7:

sc 1 dec 1 repeat 8 times(18 st)

Step 8:

repeat the last step (12 st)

Now it will look like a ball with an opening at the top

Step 9:

sew and attach eyes, wings, and beak

Step 10:

Try placing the eyes before sewing them on, find just the right place.

After you have found the spot you can hold them in place with safety pins. Start at the bottom and sew around the edge until you have sewn all around, turn inside-out and push the needle thru a loop of yarn, tie a knot and trim off excess yarn.

Eye Whites make 2

Start with a slip knot.

ch 3, in last st sc 6 st,

sc 2 st in each st around(12st)

fasten off and leave long yarn tail for attaching.

Step 11:

Sew on the beak in the center if the face right underneath the eyes.

Using the long tail of yarn, sew from front to back of the top then knot it off on the inside.


Start with a slip knot.

cs 3, sc 3 times in last st

fasten off and leave long yarn tail for attaching.

Step 12:

sew on the wings the same way the beak was, only on ether sides of the owl

Wings make 2

Start with a slip knot.

cs 6, sc in 3rd st and 6th st

fasten off and leave a long yarn tail for attaching the wings.

Step 13:

Push your plastic safety eye through the middle of the eye white and fasten on the inside.

Step 14: Stuff

Firmly stuff with craft fiberfill,

dec 6 times(6st)dec 3 times, fasten off.

Step 15: HOO HOO

If you have any questions please ask!


Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Awww ! These are adorable ! These could be used in so many ways, including key chains and kitty toys. Very cute, and good instructions. Thanks for sharing, and happy new year !!

    Jasmin D
    Jasmin D

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks and Happy New year!

    Cats Dragon
    Cats Dragon

    3 years ago

    Adorable little owls, so cute. Very good instructions. Thank you for posting.


    3 years ago

    These are cute and can be. They make a fantastic gift!!! Described very clearly on how to make them. Will have to try them.