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A very creepy Instructables Halloween 2010 party for all the members of Instructables. Bring all your Halloween characters and let us know how they can help,  because we need all the help we can get.  Seriously here is an idea how to add fun to an office party by bringing  a UFO cake or ( at least this will get you started on thinking of a good theme for your office party. )  I chose the instructables staff because everyone on instructables probably knows at least one of the staff personal. I will be adding more video news after the weekend so check back to see how we get our important instructables team safely home!

This instructable will share how to make a UFO cake and add a twist to make it fun.

Roswell Alien News Paper
October 22, 2010
Reporting from Roswell, NM.

Instructables founder Eric Wilhelm  was abducted along with all his Instructable's team!
About fifty by-standers near the San Francisco office witnessed this creepy abduction
Thursday afternoon. All reported they saw a space craft hoovering above the office when
they saw Eric and his staff in alien chains walking up something that resembled a ramp, and they disappeared inside the craft.  The craft was gone in seconds.

Roswell New Mexico was a sleepy little town until July 2, 1947.  It was soon filled with reporters, government officials and onlookers.  After a few years it returned to a sleepy little town until the movie Roswell was produced.  

Roswell New Mexico is one place where Aliens live peacefully among the towns people.
We will visit their community over the weekend and see how they work and play.  To receive these notices subscribe to this channel so you won't miss this interesting story.   

Roswell NM's alien community reported hearing that the Tran aliens from the Tadpole galaxy felt threatened by the instructables members because they have been making some hi-tech stuff and feared they would surpass the alien community in their technology.

Capturing Eric and his staff would slow down the threat to the Tran world.  The native aliens signed a statement that clones of Eric and his team are presently occupying the positions that Eric and his team members once held, unaware to the rest of the staff and employees at the office.

Local aliens have offered their assistance and will be communicating to space allies in hopes of locating our lost staff.  The use of alien saucers have been offered to transport armies and in returning our be-loved team leaders.   

Here is a Halloween video clip adding humor to the story.


1 box of any flavor cake mix.
1 can of frosting.
1 bottle of Decorating Decors.
1 Box Writing Icing.
1 bottle yellow sugar crystals.
8 Mini baking cups.
3 Battery operated LED Halloween lights as shown in picture.
1 Small Led mini Christmas lights as shown in picture.
1 Small package of round gems.
2 13 inch circles made from cardboard.
 1 16 inch circle made from tin foil.
1 Package of stretch Ninjas.
1 Bunt cake pan.
1 Mini cupcake pan.
1 clear pedestal bowl.
1 clear custard cup.
    Enough fun foam to make 4 3 1/2 inch disc for small space craft, Orange, green, black.
   Tin foil
    6 pins.
   Pair scissors.
   Several skewers or tooth picks.
   Video/ digital  camera.


Cut  2 13 inch cardboard circles from light  weight cardboard.
Tape the small strand of Christmas lights to the very edge of one circle so it extends slightly.
Cut a piece of tin foil 16 inches across.
Place the cardboard over the top of the lights with the tin foil, marking the holes for the lights to go through.  Push the lights through the hole. Fold the foil  under the bottom edge. 

Cut out 4 small disc 3 1/2 inches from green, black, and orange fun foam.  
Glue 3 medium gems or more around the disc.  

Cut the hands apart from the ninja's and cut around the head so the arms can go down by his side.  Stick a small pin through the arm, the body, and the remaining arm so the arm stays by his side.  

Print out thumbnails of any pictures you want to add and tape them to a tooth pick or skewer.

Tape pictures to the pedestal bowl remembering you need to tape them upside down.  


My interactive webpage was my instructables member page.  I made it interactive by asking members who made a Halloween character that could help in the capture of aliens and help in returning our be-loved staff to please comment and describe how they could be of assistance to the alliance.  

You could set up a facebook page and accomplish the same thing.  Mailing out invitations and give them the web-address and have them post their comments there.  This would surely break the ice for the party.    


Make the cake mix according to the box instructions.  Place paper cups in a mini muffin pan and fill almost to the very top.  Just slightly under the rim.  PLEASE NOTE:  I would test one by filling it almost full and see how that works.  You really want a mushroom shape that I did not get because of high altitude,  I guess, but  I don't know.  Testing one is a lot less waste.  I baked mine about fifteen minutes.  

You need 4 small cupcakes for the small space craft.   

Fill bunt pan according to directions on the box and bake according to the directions.


Place the cake on the round cardboard centering it the best you can.  Frost the cake with the frosting and decorate it using the writing icing to make the dots around the edge of the cake.  Sprinkle with sugar crystals and Decors.  Saving room for 1 saucer,  add the thumbnails and the ninjas.  Please note:  You might want to save the layering until just a couple of hours before the party because you will need to remove all the layers to turn on the lights.   Carefully clean the LED light and dry it.  Place the round Led light  (with the lights facing the ceiling )  inside the center of the cake.  Place a small custard cup over the top of the lights.  Set aside.

Pull the paper off half way on the mini cupcakes so you can cut them in half.  Frost the top of the mini cakes and garnish the top with decorations.  

Clean the small round fun foam disc and dry them.  Place the round disc on the top of the bottom mini cake.  Place the top ( decorated half ) centered on the fun foam piece making the saucer.  Place one saucer on top of the cake.  

Turn the pedestal bowl upside down and place one of the round LED light in the center. (optional. ) Place one round LED light in the footed part of the bowl  as shown in the picture.

 Place three saucers around the middle part of the pedestal bowl.  

 Center  the top layer of the cake on top of the pedestal bowl. 


Write an interesting story that describes the cake. Take some pictures to add to the webpage and as you are filming the cake tell the story.  You might even tell your listeners you will be continuing the story through out the week until the party,  to keep them updated on the story.   


Don't forget to turn the cake lights on just before the guest arrive.  This is a great way to break the ice for any party, all the guest will have something in common to talk about.  Have a Happy Halloween and a great party!



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    We are going inside the Native Alien community to get more information about the Tron Aliens. They will show us the space craft donated to our rescue cause!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I actually had a much better film made with a great story line but I accidentally erased it! Oh what a disappointment! I hope to have time to re-make it in the next few days. I have been so busy lately!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! That is a great idea! I can use some of my stash to make hats! Do I see a tin foil contest in the planning? Thanks for your help in getting our team safely home with no future threats to our citizens!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Eric, I hope you get this message. Wipe the sweat from your brow and place a huge smile upon your face because you are going to be blow away at the simple, swift and practical plan for the teams escape. You might have THOUGHT you had incredible instructables members here at the site BUT you will see they have far surpassed your expectations!

    The secret to survival there according to the Alien Allies is not to throw anything away that is given to you, these things have great value for your escape. Trans Aliens are all work NO play people. To avoid any suspicion of potential threats to the Trans, keep the kid in you out front! Strategies are in place for you to communicate with the team members. Check your mail often to receive important updates!