HOW TO BUILD... a 8Ft Sun Flower, Lol

Introduction: HOW TO BUILD... a 8Ft Sun Flower, Lol

About: I Like designing and building out of recycled Rubbish.

Materials I used durening this build was;

Ply wood cutt offs
Carpet tube
Old plant pot
Wika cane (from old was basket)
Old round top of a chair
Wallpapper paste
Ducktape & paint

Tools used
Cordless drill

Step 1: Step ONE Cutting the Tube

First of all you will need to cut a tube down to a 6FT Length
And Then Putt a Slit Of 10" from the top to accomidate the 10" Aprox, Circle piece of ply wood.

Step 2: Step TWO Planting Your Flower

In this step you will need to take your  "Old Chair top" and Cut a howl The diamiter of the carpet tube In the center, To fit the the top of the Plant pot Using the Drill and jigsaw This Will Hold your tube straight up Right.
See pictures for more details.

Step 3: Step THREE, Cutting and Sticking.

these images show how the leaves and petals are being made.

I Cut out a leaf & Petal shape and made some replicas out of cardboard so i had 20 Leafs and 34 petals

I Then Attached these using ducktape and some wicka cane With sandwedged the two sides together, with the wika cain down the middle

I then painted them yellow and green.

Step 4: The Finished Product.

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