In this instructable i will be showing you how to open up your  AT&T remote and then change the leds that are on there. In order to do this you will need the following tools listed below and a soldering iron, solder, flux, your AT&T remote, a prying tool of some sort, whether it be a small flat head or a actual pry tool, and also a T6 screwdriver, and of course 2 AA batteries.

Step 1: Taking Apart Your AT&T Remote Control

In order to take apart your control you need a T6 screwdriver and also a pry tool to slide in between the top and bottom half of the controller's case and remove them from each other.

First you need to use your T6 screwdriver and unscrew the screw from the back of the controller where the batteries lay.
Then you will need to use a prying tool and wedge open the top and bottom half of the case.In order to get this to work, i would start from the front of the remote and slide the prying tool slowly down the case

Step 2: Removing the LEDS From the AT&T Remote Control

In order to remove the leds you will need to get a soldering iron and float the leds off of the board. You can follow the video i post below on how to remove the leds, it is the same as removing them from an xbox 360 or ps3 controller. Make sure you dont keep your iron on the board for too long or it may mess up your remote..AND MAKE SURE TO USE PLENTY OF FLUX, IT HELPS A TON!!!!

Step 3: INSTALLING Your Custom Leds Into Your AT&T Remote Control

in order for you to install more colored leds into your remote you need to buy some 0603 smd leds of the color of your choice

Search for them on ebay and you will be able to find them everywhere

To install the leds the correct way you will need to see which remote you have(new or old) and follow the pictures i provided with the positive and negative points on each led

Step 4: Finished Product

Once you are done with all the leds put the pad back on the remote and test it for yourself

The completed remote should take you between 15-25 minutes(how long it took me) but if you dont have the right soldering iron and tools it could take your forever..If you want me to do this to your remoter(for $10) i can do it for you...Let me know



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