HOW TO: Flag Lover's Bookend

Introduction: HOW TO: Flag Lover's Bookend

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Whether you need a nice gift or just need something to help keep your bookshelf in order, this was made for you!
What you need:
  A 1"x4" (We will use an 8" length)
  Woodburning tool
  Carbon paper
  Stylus or pen for initially tracing the design onto the wood
  Wood glue

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Step 1: Cutting the 1"x4" Board

Cut your 8" length of wood into two pieces; one will be 3-1/2" long and the other 4-1/2" long.  Sand both pieces until very smooth.  If you are thorough in your sanding, the end product will be much more pleasing.

Step 2: Making Your Design

Trace your design onto the larger piece of wood using your carbon paper.  Then, using your woodburner, very carefully burn each line of your design onto the wood.  

Step 3: Assembling the Bookend

Place glue along the bottom edge of the larger piece of wood and clamp it on top of one of the edges of the smaller piece of wood (as shown in picture).

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    Can you post more instructables like easy holiday ones for five year olds (my little sisters) and send them to charlieanderin