HOW TO: Fix Broken Heart

Introduction: HOW TO: Fix Broken Heart

My theory on relationships - You can search for love, but only marry the one that didn't come from you searching for love.

Also, there are so many pressures in life, pressure to do good in school, find the right job, fitting in with the crowd, finding a loved one. You have to remember your brain is only a single core processor. When you focus your mind on only finding a mate you end up forgetting about yourself. Self progression is key to doing well in school, finding a passion to fulfil a career, using your passions to find a crowd to fit in with, and a partner will find you. When you search for your life, you let your life find you before you find your life.

Step 1: Facing the Truth

When it comes to love, your brain loves it. Its like a organic drug that makes you feel as though you were on top of the world. Some people who are your ideal canidates for love can make you fall inlove alot faster then other people. Thats where you need to be careful because love is spontanious, You can walk by a person you never even met and still think, "Just found my soul mate." The sad reality though, once you take away physical apperance, would you still be with this person? How about ten years from now once your settled down?

Step 2: Things to Watch Out For.

The main point of this paragraph is to emphisize, REBOUNDS ARE BAD, when your in an emotional breakdown, find stability in people who care, not ones trying to find their easy trust ticket in. That could cause you to repeat this cycle again, or trick you in thinking your ex wasn't so bad when in reality they both just wern't right for you. If you find yourself thinking about the good times with your ex, highlight the bad times because all your brain is doing is tricking you in thinking that things wern't so bad. Like a smoker whos brain tricks them in thinking,"Come on the cigs tasted so nice though."

Step 3: Coping

My method of choice for coping is starting new hobbies, if you're seriously stuck uncontrolably thinking about your loved one try removing as much contact with or about them as possible. For some reason memories always seem more pleasant then they actually where, so its best to not dread on the past. Instead just simply be happy, just stop thinking about them, go out injoy the fresh air, start a new recipe, watch an exciting movie, and most importantly don't be alone. Perfect time to go visit the family, or friends that you have been neglecting due to your EX. Remember not to forget about yourself, self progression can lead to happiness, confindence boost, and will lead you in the path that you want to follow.

Step 4: Prevention

When looking for love know what your looking for, if you just want someone to make you feel all goofy inside, thats extremely easy if you understand HOW MANY PEOPLE there are on Earth. If you are looking for a soul mate, your going to be disappointed unless your very lucky. Its a game of chance really because you can see what someone looks like, but you can never really know how they are. The only thing that counts is how they are because years from now if you don't like how they are, you know what follows, and all the chances you could of had are now lost, and the young looking days are over for you.

Step 5: Conclusion

I'm coving this topic because most people don't treat love as important as it really is. This is the person you can have to trust, the person you will be with for years to come, your new family tree starting with you down to your children. Your kids will be part of your choice that you make when deciding who you  plan to be with the rest of your life. Your finacial status, your bills, your persona will be forever changed and shared by this person you decied to marry. So if you're in a relationship now thats failing, its okay, there will be more, don't feel trapped by the wrong person because you do have the power, strength, and ability to choose your future, and how you want the rest of your life to play out. Follow your passions and your life will follow along as well, with a happier you in the end.

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    if trust has been broken in relationship how can it be rebuilt and will I ever trust him again


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