I wanted to grow a lemon tree for fun/to eat but their was no instructable to grow a lemon. so I decided to make my own instructable. so lets get started.

Step 1: Simple Materials

  • lemon
  • knife
  • ziplock bag
  • paper towel
  • warm place( like a heater)

Step 2: Preparations

cut the lemon in half slowly so you don't damage any of the seeds inside of the lemon. this step is essential because if you damage the seed it won't grow. TIP: haste makes waste. If you have ever tried to plant a lemon seed just by planting the seed it doesn't grow. This is because the outer shell has to rot away before the inside can grow. you want to get a good grip on the seed and use your nails to peel the outer shell.

Step 3: Ready for Planting

once you finishe peeling the outer layer place the seed on a paper towel. Then fold the paper towel and be careful so the seeds don't touch each other. Next moisten the paper towel and place it in the ziplock bag. Finally blow some air into the bag( because once the seeds sprout it will need some air/carbon dioxide).

Optional step. If you live in a tropical place just leave the bag next to a window.

If you live in northern hemisphere or somewhere cold leave the bag near the heater.

Step 4: Wait..........................................

After about 10 days little sprouts will appear wait around 5 more days before planting. Enjoy your lemons.



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      4 Discussions

      If I tried this out, would I be able to have a small lemon tree that produces edible lemons? There are some large planters in our garden area that would be a good fit for a smaller tree?


      2 years ago

      im currently using a water bottle to germenate hopefully this method will work. I will be trying out your method too. Compare and contrast. Thankyou.


      2 years ago

      Thank you! It's awesome! I just started planting mine this morning when I saw your Instructable!

      1 reply
      no jokersto843

      Reply 2 years ago

      sorry it took me so long to reply. i will post an image of my tree sprouts