HOW TO: Handyman Change Holder




Introduction: HOW TO: Handyman Change Holder

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     An Old Broken Tape Measure(The nicer the outside looks the better)
     A Screwdriver
     Spare Pennies and Nickels

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Step 1: Unassembly and Reassembly

Take out all of the screws on your tape measure and remove the cover so that you can see the inside.  View the pictures above for details of the inside. Pop off the metal piece that is attached to the end of the tape, and keep it.  Pop out the circular piece of plastic found in the center of the tape measure. It will have the yellow "tape" attached to it. Properly dispose of your screws and "tape"(along with the circular plastic piece).  Replace all parts so that the tape measure looks normal. Replace the small metal piece into its original hole. Move down the yellow "brake" so that the metal piece does not come loose.  You are done.   When you want to deposit pennies or dimes, just loosen the yellow brake so that the metal piece comes loose. Remove the metal piece and deposit spare change(meaning pennies and dimes).   The practical purpose of this project is to recycle an old tool into a good present!  What are you waiting for?   Go wish him a happy Father's Day!

Step 2: Fitting Bigger Coins in Your Change Holder

There are two ways to fit Quarters and other large coins in your change holder.  The first method requires you to open your change holder, and slide out the big yellow piece.  After you do this put your tape measure (change holder)back together again without the yellow piece.  Now glue in the metal tab (in its original place). You are now done with the first method. The main benefit of the first method is that you are able to put larger coins in your change holder. For those of you who think taking away the yellow piece takes away from the prestige of your change holder.  Here is the second method.  Open your change holder, take out the little black piece (shown in secondary photo)at the top, and take out the little metal tab. Put your tape measure back together again (without the black piece). Now put your metal tab back in the hole you took it out of, and push your big yellow piece forward toward the metal tab. Finally check the metal tab to make sure it is not loose(meaning when you turn your change holder upside down the metal tab should not fall out). If you do not see the metal tab, the black piece , or the big yellow piece look in the photos below. They have boxes around each one saying what it is.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I wonder if Australian dollar coins would fit into the opening? If so this would be a good project! You could save a decent amount of money there if so!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    We added an extra step just for You!