Our students go throug so much testing in the year, I think it will be awesome to reward them for all their hard work and I think taking them for ice cream will be a good reward.  Of course before I do this I will have to talk to the manager and ask them if we can do this little event.  After that I will show the students how to make their favorite blizzard.

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Step 1:

Step 1: Pick the flavor and the size of the blizzard you want to make.  For example Dairy queen sells blizzards in mini, small, medium and large cups.  They sell all sorts of candies like Butterfinger, Recees, Heath, Snickers, and cheesecake and all other good candies to pick.

Step 2:

Step 2: Put the ice cream on the cup half way and add the flavor of your choice and mix it with the blizzard machine. Then you repeat the step again and add more ice cream and more candy.

Step 3:

Step 3: Last step will be to mix the blizzard one more time so all the candy will mix all the way to the bottom of the cup.  Then you will take the cup upside down and serve it to the student. Now the student will enjoy the blizzard and I will let them know this was because of their hard work they did in my class!!

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I was not expecting the purchase of a blizzard machine to be included in the instructables. This is less "how to make a blizzard" and more "how to operate a blizzard machine".


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, now I want a cookie dough blizzard! Great work with your instructable =)