Introduction: HOW TO MAKE a HEAD PHONE.

About: Fabrication Laboratory in Ghana at Takoradi Technical Institute.

My name is Prince Dzuckey. I am a boy of Takoradi Technical Institute, Takoradi, Ghana. I like making projects on my own. I made my own headphones. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Gather Your Tools and Materials .

(2)Soldering iron
(3)Side cutter
(4)Wire stripper

(1) Flexible wires
(2) Strong Cable
(3) Ear phone pin
(5)A piece of foam
(6)Lid of bottles(2)

Step 2: Remove the Lid.

Remove the lids from the bottles.

Step 3: Make Holes

Make holes inside the lids.

Step 4: Make a Headband.

Put the cable on your head and bend it to make the shape of the head phone. If the hole in
the lid is small you can remove the ends of the insulation.

Step 5: Connect the Wire Around the Cable.

Put the cable through the hole in the lids and bend it at the back of the lids. Wrap the wire around the cable.

Step 6: Connect the Wire to the Speakers.

Connect the wires to the speakers and to the ear phone pin.

Step 7: Finish.

Put the speakers inside the lids and use the foam to cover them. Put glue around the lids and attach the foam.
written by Prince Dzuckey.

You can e-mail me for more information



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    29 Discussions

    can someone please tell me how much this will cost on average? Please have in £ and €

    where could i get those head phone pins and speakers? and what is there pieces

    Where could I get those headphone pins and speakers? And what is thir prices?

    Thats nice. A mono headphone. May be you should try stereo next time. Good kid.

    If you could only be able to create a cover for it out of acrylic or something, then you can start selling headphones of high quality! :P

    Clever! I cannot believe you actually made functioning headphones out of the kind of junk EVERYONE has lying around. Good work!

    Somebody should track this kid down and hire him. He must be college age or better now.

    Excellent work Prince. I was wondering if there are any other folks from Africa, any other developing regions, posting on instructables. I've been spending a lot of time in Uganda and Guatemala and the things I saw people building in both countries was absolutely astounding. Everything from pedal powered water pumps, to home made welders. I would imagine the only thing keeping them from instructables is the cost of a high speed internet connection. Do you have any ideas of how we could help facilitate more of these postings?

    what kind of quality do you get from those headphones?


    11 years ago

    grat idea exept the mono thing so easy to avoid, why mono?


    wow that could catch on (you know coustom fitted headphones)