Introduction: HOW TO MAKE a PHOTO FRAME!

 Here's how you can make a simple photo frame using satin tapes!

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

 A pair of scissors
An OHP (Over Head Projector) sheet/transparency
A knife
Satin tapes (min two colours)
A cardboard sheet(Here,3mm thickness)

Step 2: The Frame!

 Trace the outline of a photograph onto your cardboard sheet making sure its in the centre.
Now,using a knife,carefully cut out the area within the traced outline as shown in the figure.

Step 3: The Real Work!

There are different ways in which you could stick the tapes onto the board to form an interesting pattern.
This is how i've done my frame.
Starting from the top left corner,first apply glue all along the breadth of the top frame until where the right frame and the top frame share a common area as shown in the figure.
This space gives room for us to tuck the tapes which will cover the right frame under the top frame.

Step 4: The Same!

 Now simply follow what you see in these pictures!

Step 5: A Few Final Touches!colouframe.

 Past the OHP sheet behind theopen square!
As shown in the following picture,past a coloured sheet behind your frame.Score along the adjacent length and breadth of the size of the photograph in order that you may be able to insert your pictures.
Make sure the above step is done before pasting the voloured paper onto the frame.

Step 6: Your Piece of Art!!!

 Do not forget to decorate your frame!!!
here are a few other photo frames for reference!

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