I am going to show you how to make a thread painting that is so unique, really a easy idea. It uses a new technique called thread painting and it is so much fun. So, let’s get started on this thread painting craft. Not only will you enjoy doing it…. the result of this craft is always a surprise.
Are you fascinated by awesome designs? You must have wondered what it takes to make such amazing designs!!

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Step 1: Materials Required!

- Sewing thread
- Paint
- Drawing sheet

Step 2: Setting Up the Design!!!

- Take a piece of twine/ thread and paint it in any color you like. You can also use more than one color. Make sure that the paint does not dry completely.
- Place the wet thread/ twine between the drawing sheet in any design you like. Leave one end of the thread coming out of the folded paper.

Step 3: Pulling the Thread

Further improvement: You may paint the thread in different color combinations along the length to achieve more exquisite designs.

Step 4: Voila - String Painting

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