Ice cream is that sinful indulgence for all times and for all

seasons. Ice creams are the heavenly combination of all the delicious flavors of cream and ice and it cannot get any better if your chosen flavor is chocolate. We often have intense ice cream cravings but we are unable to satiate them due to unavailability of nearby ice cream parlors. Also, preparing ice cream at home would need an ice cream maker, something which most of us do not have at home. However, if you think about the procedure of preparing ice cream, you will observe something which you have not done before. You can actually prepare tasty ice cream at home with the help of the right ingredients without purchasing expensive kitchen appliances. Your money, as well as the counter space of your kitchen, will be saved if you follow this recipe for the chocolate whey ice cream.

If you notice closely, ice cream makers follow a more or less process in order to prepare ice cream. They basically churn the cream-based mixture and they keep churning it until it cools for a really long time. Next, for the consistency of the ice cream, you need to keep on churning the mixture, stick it back in. This should be followed by giving the mixture yet another churn and then repeat it. You have to keep on doing it until your mixture achieves the consistency of ice cream.

So, for your convenience, we have provided the recipe of preparing the two ingredient chocolate whey ice cream. Here it is:


1. 1 big tub filled with 2% Greek Yogurt, measuring roughly 500 gm

2. ½ cup of Cellular Marshmallow along with Peanut Butter Whey protein powder


Step 1: You have to take a large Tupperware container which should ideally be a square-shaped one. The square shaped container should be helpful to provide increased surface area. In this container, take the yoghurt and the protein powder. Mix them well until you are able to form a smooth mixture.

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Step 1: Spread the Mixture

Then you have to spread the mixture

by forming a thin layer onto the Tupperware container. You have to remember that your target should be to make the layer as thin as possible because the thinner the layer is, the lesser period of time it will take to chill.

Step 2: Freeze It.

Place the container in the freezer for around an hour.

Step 3: Take It Out.

Take it out after an hour and churn

it a bit. Use a spoon to mix the protein-packed mixture or it would be even better if you take the help of a fork to break the potential clumps. Put it back in the freezer for another 30 minutes.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3

Finish previous step until the mixture is consistent enough as per your satisfaction.

Step 5: Take It Out and ENJOY

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    3 years ago

    Your final picture is a stock image. Why don't you show us what the result looked like?


    3 years ago

    Looks delicious :)