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Make a foam lantern for kid is rather easy

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Step 1: Download This Pattern and Print Out It in A2 Paper.

Step 2: Draw the Pattern on the Piece of Foam and Cut Out the Body of the Lantern.

Step 3: Draw the Pattern on the Piece of Foam and Cut Out the Bottom of the Lantern.

Step 4: Roll the Body and Glue 2 Ends Together.

Step 5: Cut the Small Glass Paper .

Step 6: Glue This Glass Paper Onto the Body of Lantern.

Step 7: Glue 2 Ends of the Top Into a Hat.

Step 8: Glue the Body Onto the Bottom.

Step 9: Cut Out and Glue the Elements of Miss La Sen’s Head Together.

Step 10: Glue Miss La Sen’s Head Onto the Body.

Step 11: Punch 4 Holes on the Top of the Lantern and Add the String Through 4 Holes, Make the Bow.

Now you have Miss La Sen foam lantern for kid.

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