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The aim of this instructable is to make a business or visiting card more useful, something that people do not want to throw away and use as a piece of advertising. It only requires basic materials, so lets start the instructable.Also if this is your first time here check my other instructables also.

Step 1: Materials Required.

1) Aluminum foil/ Aluminium tape/ Copper tape.

2) Small white LED.

3) CR-2016 button cell battery.

4) Piece of foam or cardboard.

5) Two visiting or business cards.

6) Pencil.

7) Adhesive (fevicol).

8) Cutter and scissors.

Step 2: Tracing the Circuit on the Card.

Take a lighter grade pencil (3H/4H) and make a rough layout on one of the business card along which the circuit will be placed.Circuit diagram of the business card is shown in the figure.Place the tape battery and led on the marked areas. Also i have provided the circuit diagram in case you need one.

Step 3: Cutting the Cardboard Foam.

The cardboard foam is used to provide the spacing between two visiting cards. The foam will be sand which-ed between the two cards. Which also makes up for the modular casing of led and battery.

Thickness of the foam should be greater than that of the battery. A standard 3 mm to 4 mm foam will work.

Refer the image for better understanding.

Step 4: Making an Aluminum Tape With Aluminium Foil.

Take a sheet of aluminium foil and give it several folds because most aluminium foils are too thin to use. The aluminium tape formed by folding aluminium foil is shown in the figure.

Step 5: Assembling the Circuit.

Pull the LED legs apart and place one along the pencil trace and stick it on the card with aluminium tape using adhesive.Note the correct polarity of the LED so as to place the battery correctly. Aluminium tape should extend till the battery. Place the foam cutout over it and stick it on the card using adhesive.

Step 6: Final Step.

Carefully place the second card over the LED and the battery so that the hanging leg of the led is fixed onto the backside of the second card using aluminium tape. Place it in a secure manner using adhesive like fevicol.

Press the switch marked on the card. Voila! it is up and running. When you release the switch the flashlight will stop. You have successfully made a business card with a flashlight.

So that was it for this instructable. For more instructables please follow me and give this one a like.Comment your ideas in the comments section below. THANK YOU!!!!



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