In this project we will be using some common hardware tools to make a homemade kitchen knife. The question that is being solved here is how can people who cannot afford a chef quality steel kitchen knife get one.

Step 1:

The tools that we will be using will be listed below

1. Angle Grinder/ hack saw (Anything to cut metal)

2. Belt Sander/ grinder

3. Wet Stone (anything that can sharpen)

4. 8 ft of paracord

5. Any size sheet metal, I used about a 3 inch by 15 inch steel


First use your hacksaw or angle grinder to cut out a handle that is approximately 1.5 inches by 5 inches.

Next cut out you 10 inch by 3 inch blade with any size curve that you desire

Step 3: Sanding and Sharpening

Use a sander to sand your blade until it has a silver color.

After, you must give the blade an edge by sliding each side of knife's edge on the sander.

Now that you have a blade on the knife you must sharpen it. I used a 1000 and 6000 grit wet stone to do this but any way that you desire you may do.

Step 4: Handle Making

For this step we use the 8 ft of paracord to make a handle.

I use this video link to learn it is very simple.

Step 5: Testing

I tested my knife with bananas and oranges. It cut through the bananas like butter and that is why I tried oranges, which have much thicker skin. Even though the skin was thicker my knife still cut through it easily.

Step 6: What I Have Learned

Throughout the course of this project I have learned many things about knife making. One in particular is how to sharpen a knife. It took me along time and a lot of tests to find out the best way to sharpen my knife. Another thing that I learned about was paracord handle wrapping. I had to compare my total cost with that of other chef knives in which mine was much cheaper.



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    That looks really nice. My only suggestion would be embed the videos on the page using the Embed Video tool in the step editor. This makes it a lot easier for mobile users to view the videos.