About: I'm originally from Arizona in the U.S. but moved to Taiwan about 20 years ago. I fell in love with leatherwork one day when a neighbor introduced me to the craft and have been at it ever since. One of my fa...

Note to Viewer: I've made 2 versions of this video. Since version 1 has some copyrighted music on it, it's only available on a desktop and might be blocked in some countries. Version 2 uses royalty free music and is viewable anywhere and can be watched on your PC or mobile devices.
I've ve worked on a variety of leather accessories over the past few years, but this has quickly become one of my favorite pieces. Depending on who you talk to this bag has a variety of names, from a hippie pouch, biker pouch, waist bag, or my favorite, “the medicine bag.” Bags such as these are a popular accessory with bikers and serves as a stylish and useful place to store a wallet and cellphone for comfort and safe keeping while on the road. There is a considerable amount of work involved in building a bag like this, making it well worth it's weight in gold. Everything on the bag is completely done by hand without the aid of any machinery. The centerpiece is either made of vegetable tanned leather that was dampened and stamped with a texturing tool then dyed black and finished, or exotic alligator skin. The back closes securely with a leather strap that loops around the decorated concho at the centerpiece. For the sides of the bag I dampened and folded the leather so that the pouch can expand or shrink depending on it's load. I added the tassels for extra aesthetics. In this video learn how to craft a designer leather hip bag or also called, "The medicine bag." Instructions and patterns for this project can be downloaded at This bag can also be purchased at Fischer Workshops. See our website for prices and availability. Enjoy!!!



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