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Step 1: To Do a MINI TATTOO GUN You Need!!!

How to make a tattoo machine with your own hands?
You need: gel-ink pen with the refill, guitar string, motor from a player with the plastic roller, wires, power supply module.

- a gel-ink pen and remove the refill from it.
- Squeeze a small ball from the refill or squander it on an emery brick.
- Take a guitar string and try to stick it into the formed hole.
- If the string doesn't fit, squander a circled part of the refill with the emery paper.
- Shorten the body of the pen nearly two times.

Step 2: Fix the Motor With the Help of the Metal Angle and Scotch Tape.

Step 3: Take a String and Mark, Approximately, a Needed Length. the String Length Must Correspond the Pen Refill Length.

- Neatly edge one end of the string at the grindstone – that would be a needle.
- Bend the second end of the string, which will be linked to the motor at the 900 angle!!
- Make a hole in the motor roller with the help of the heated (string) needle.
- Depth of the complete outcome of the needle must be 1,5-2 mm.

Step 4: TATTOO MACHINE Is Ready!!!

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    Reply 3 years ago

    What the heck? "The tattoo gun is ready"????? Hmmm, dear Prison Inmate Weekly I would like to question in the strongest terms your recommendation of the DIY tattoo gun featured in this week's edition. I promised Javier a tattoo gun. He didnt get it. Now I am in pain. I blame you. Watch out for me.