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Hii friend,

This is a DIY mobile power bank.By this power bank you can charge your all mobile phones.It's like a pocket power bank.

But in this power bank you can only charge 100% battery of button phones not of android phones.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Components As Shown Below With Pictures -

(1.)Battery - 9V (1P)

(2.)Connector (1P)

(3.)Voltage regulator - 7805

(4.)Resistor - 1K

(5.)LED - 3V

(6.)PN junction diode - 1N4007


(8.)Female USB Code

Step 2: Connect All Components As Shown Its Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Connect Negative of Diode to the USB Code Wire

Step 4: Bent 3rd Pin of the Voltage Regulator and Connect It to the Positive Wire of the Diode

Step 5: Now Connect Positive Wire of Battery Connector to the Switch

Step 6: Connect Output of +ve Switch Wire to the First Pin of Voltage Regulator and the -ve Wire of Battery Connector to the 2nd Pin of the Voltage Regulator

Step 7: Now Connect Negative Wire of 2nd Pin of Voltage Regulator to the Negative Wire of Female USB Code

Step 8: Solder a 1K Resistor to the Positive of the LED

Step 9: Solder a Resistor Wire of LED to the 3rd Pin of the Voltage Regulator and Negetive Pin of LED to the Negetive of Female USB Code

Step 10: Now Our Circuit Is Ready and Steech That Circuit to the Battery Like This

Step 11: Insert Any USB Data Cable to the Female USB Port and Charge Mobile Phones

Thank you



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    20 days ago

    Please do NOT build this circuit to charge a high power device like a
    mobile phone. First, small 9V (PP3) style batteries are NOT high power
    devices. They are designed for loads that draw less than 25 mA. Using
    them to charge a high current device like a mobile phone is VERY

    Second, the regulator circuit is lacking proper
    decoupling capacitors. The switch mode power supplies in the phone's
    charging circuit will not work properly without high frequency bypass
    capacitors on the regulator's output.

    To Original Author. PLEASE
    stop posting poor designs. This is the second of your "tutorials" I have
    found which demonstrate poor circuit design. These SHOULD NOT be