HOW TO MAKE a T-shirt Folding Machine ! DIY / TUTORIAL


Step 1: To Do a T-shirt Folding Machine You Need!!!

In this video I'm going to show you a brilliant idea about how to make a clothes folding board at home!

Step 2: A Hand Made Device Is Made to Fold Any Clothes (including Shirts, T-shirts, Sweaters, Trousers, Linen and Towels) Fast and Carefully.

That's a significant time saving device

Step 3: It Will Really Take Less Than 3 Seconds.

No more pleats! Hand made device is easy to use: you should put clothes on the board, and just fold it for a few times.

Step 4: Using the Hand Made Clothes Folding Board at Home You'll Get Equal Piles, and Volume of the Clothes Will Decrease Due to Release of Air.

Folding board is made of a carton box.



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    2 years ago

    Nice one. Every household should have this. However, I find that folding a shirt with a pinch style much easier and faster.