The first in a series on solving various parts of the hidden messages in Sanborn's Kryptos.

Step 1: The Coordinates Within the Message.

So here is K2 where the coordinates are revealed. We are just interested in the coordinates so we can delete the rest.

Step 2: Separate the Coordinates.

So here are the coordinates by themselves.

Step 3: Split Up the Coordinates Into Rows.

We do this in order to make it easier to visualize the next steps.

Step 4: Separate the Numbers From the Coordinates.

The words in red are just filler used to obfuscate the real clue. We just want the numbers.

Step 5: Just the Numbers.

And this is what we have left.

Step 6:

We want to convert those numbers to digits.

Step 7: Start Setting Up the Key.

We need a key to use with these numbers and for that we'll start with the alphabet. We'll number each letter in the alphabet from 1 to 26.

Step 8: Finish the Key.

And we'll continue numbering two more times.

Step 9: Using the Key.

To use the key, start with the first coordinate number, look it up in the key, and find the letter corresponding to that number.

Step 10: Find the Clue.

Continue until you have all the letters corresponding to the coordinate numbers.

Doesn't seem to make sense at first glance. But you should notice a pattern to the letters.

You have arrange them from the bottom up. Sanborn uses this 'reversed letters' technique in another part of Kryptos.

Step 11: Determine What the Clue Means.

So here Sanborn is saying that there is something that ryhmes with the letter 'L'.

There are way too many possiblities so we need a way to narrow it down.

Step 12: The Meaning of 'UNDERGRUUND'

So here we see why it is misspelled.

Step 13: What Is 'WW'?

When asked if 'WW' stood for 'William Webster' Sanborn replied in the affirmative. This is just to throw us off the path. To say 'No' would have provided us with another clue and he does not volunteer infomation.

Step 14: Thinking Like Sanborn

These rules are not all inclusive. There may be other tricks up his sleeve to mislead us.

'K2 COORDINATES' is not the starting point for solving Kryptos. But it is a good way to show the techniques and methods that Sanborn uses.

Step 15: Next: Part 2 - PALIMPSEST

In the next part, we'll see how Sanborn comes up with the word 'PALIMPSEST'.

Step 16:

Part 1 of the final solution can be found in Part 10 of this series.



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    1 year ago

    Occum's Razor: You COULD just use the coordinates AS coordinates, and you'll end up right back at CIA Headquarters, or someplace only a short distance away...