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    I'm such a light sleeper when my hamster escapes and walks around my room I can hear his cute little feet on the carpet! But I know people who need this idea! :)

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    haha, maybe you should try getting him to wake you...:)

    That sounds like an awesome program! Yeah, and if you were really technical you could even hook the snooze button up to the shower tap, so the shower turned on when you snoozed your alarm!

    Thanks for commenting.

    I had a serious problem with sleeping through alarms to the point that I wrote a small software that would run on the laptop as an alarm. It would go off like a siren & continue going off until you managed to wake up enough to type a 16 character random string of numbers/lowercase & uppercase letters into the box.

    Unfortunately, I worked out in my sleep that if I plug headphones into the headphone jack, no sound comes out the speakers.

    I think this idea of yours has merit, especially if you put the alarms at increasing distances from each other (e.g. enough distance that it takes you 30 seconds to 1 minute to reach the next device). That way, you would have to physically leave your bedroom to turn all the devices off, and by that time you are hopefully out in the sunlight or even into the shower.

    yeah, good idea, and you wouldn't even need to do any exercise, you'd have done it all half-asleep. Kind of:).


    2 years ago

    Ha! Get like 5 different devices/alarms and you'd have to run all over your room! :)

    That does depend how deep you sleep though.

    Haha, Ive already tried this and it works at first but soon you learn to sleep through it. Thanks for trying though

    haha, i see your point but sometimes, however tired I am human nature comes into play and dooesn't allow me to get out of bed.

    Good method, but if you have such a hard time waking up, you are probably sleep deprived :) I hate being tired, so I would probably go to bed earlier. Anyways, good morning!

    I have an alarm clock with multiple alarms but why can't you do that on your phone? Because some people (like me) turn their Wi-Fi off at night. Very good though!