HOWTO: Delete Images From Your Instructables Image Library


Introduction: HOWTO: Delete Images From Your Instructables Image Library

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NOTE: Do not delete images that are already part of a project, I didn't try it, but be fore-warned.

Updated: 03/29/09
NOTE: This process has changed again. See my comments attached to this project. The process has gotten much easier, but the same caution applies.

Step 1: Login

Login to Instructables and then hover your cursor on your username in the upper right-hand banner of the screen and click on it. The next screen will look like the one here, where under your photo one of the options is Image Library, just click on it.

Step 2: Find Your Library

In the Image Library screen select the "your library" tab andit will take you to the next screen.

Step 3: Manage/Add/Delete Images

From here you can sort images by their tags, by the project or just start deleting by clicking on the small red "X" in the upper right-hand corner of each image. There's still no bulk delete.



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    2 years ago

    Thanks. THe applications is not very intuitive so having this guide is very useful.

    I'm trying to delete images that were associated with a Instructable that I deleted/removed. Now I can't remove any of the images as it still thinks it's there. This is ridiculous.

    I just updated this Instructable again. There's still no bulk delete, but if anyone knows how to do that or has a different process I'll open this up for collaboration.

    What happens if the first step doesn't work? I want to upload an image and to personalise my account, but my user name doesn't show, even though I am registered as jiganbopalot and logged in. There is nowhere to hover over! This is ridiculously confusing to get started (the site I mean, not you. No offence).

    2 replies

    This project is way out of date, the photo management has improved alot. Once you're logged into your account, there's a list of items under the "My Stuff" profile. In that list, there's a link "Image Library". Click on it, then select the "your library" tag in the new page that open. All the images in your library will appear as thumbnails with a small "X" in the upper right corner for deleting the images. I'll see if I can pull the old instructable project. Doug

    I'm not going to post till I can get those library items removed and maybe not until management makes adjustments to make it easier to do so.

    I just updated this Instructable. The process is shorter by a couple of steps, but those were the steps to actually get you to the Image Library, the actual delete process didn't change much. I'd still like to see a batch mode. The only problem there might be that it would be too easy to delete images that are in use by one of your projects. Maybe there could be a "unused" category?

    8 steps is a little much. My image library is unmangeable, I cant do this to clean it out.

    3 replies

    Hopefully it's not the only way to do this, but lacking official instructions, it's the best I could do. Maybe it will prompt someone to make the process easier or at least have a batch delete mode.

    Actually once you're logged in and in the Manage Library section only 4 steps (repeating at Steps 4 through 7). I know that probably doesn't help much for people with vast libraries.

    I could not find a "Edit" button on the "Manage Library" page (step 5), hince can not delete any images either.

    The solution seems so clear - although probably hard to implement. That would be to either: 1) allow folders to be created in your Library - you can create one folder per project 2) aautomatically create a new user library with each new instructable - that would insure they never get mixed up

    How about opening this up for collaboration with anyone in the Instructables Help group?

    1 reply

    12 years ago

    hmm, we've reworked the image library for the next release so that the paging is functional. is that sufficient? please don't delete an image if you actually used it in a project, i think that will delete it from the published project too.

    1 reply

    I added a note, about not deleting images that are part of projects, to the Intro step of my project.