HOtw to Juggle a Soccer Ball




Introduction: HOtw to Juggle a Soccer Ball

Hold the ball in you hands

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Step 1: Slightly Bend Your Back Forward

Step 2: Point Your Foot Down

YOu gotta lock your foot pointing down and put tension on it.

Step 3: Bring Up Your Leg Straight

bring up your leg and keep it straight

Step 4: Bring the Ball Close to Your Foot

Step 5: Release the Ball

Avoid throwing the ball up, just release it and let it go down while your leg comes up

Step 6: Hit the Ball With Your Laces

Step 7: Let the Ball Come Up

Step 8: Catch It With Your Hands

catch the ball with your hands and repeat at leas ten times until you are comfortable to do two bounces in a row and then catch with your hands.

Step 9: Repeat Until You Do Not Need to Use Your Hands

Step 10: Go Progressively

after you master one bounce and catch you are going to go progressively until as many as you want next step to bounces and catch and go on....

Step 11: Repeat

Practice will make you a master of the soccer juggling.

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