HP 364/364XL Chip Reset

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I use only Orginal ink-cardridges
This is for 364/364XL cardridges (in us,india,Japan could be be the Series Number another than in Europe 364 )
This has been discovered on a Europe Printer Version of HP Photosmart 5520 e All in one

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Step 1: HP Photosmart 5520 E All in One Way

1) Turn off Printer
2) power on Printer and hold powerbutton until Black Screen
3) remove Finger from powerbutton until progessbar on screen and hold powerbutton again
4) wait until Printer has ready booted
5) press forwarding Button , press backward Button , press question Button ,press back Button for each ml you filled in cardridge
6) now you can remove the Finger from powerbutton and view the filling menue of your Printer

Use only refilled Orginal ink-cardridges
This do not work with damaged Chips



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    Reply 3 years ago

    why not the First OEM use to refill what Comes with the Printer and Must Never buy another