HP Touchpad Forward Camera

Introduction: HP Touchpad Forward Camera

Hi Instructables,

I just wanted to show a quick and easy way of taking photos facing forward with the touchpad.  Since the touchpad doenst have a camera for taking pics in front of you, I made an attachment  to do so.

First, I got a compact mirror from the dollar store and snapped it in half.  Then I cut out a piece of cardboard with a slit for the camera. Next fold the cardboard where the mirror will attach.  I found some double stick tape for the mirror and the card board.  Now complete,  I slipped it between the touchpad and cover but not blocking the camera view.  

With a few adjustments with the mirror angle, now ready to take pics.  Hold the touchpad like a tray and shoot.  The pictures come out left is right and right is left.  I have not found a photo app to retouch so hopefully someone can take it further.  

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