HPprojects's Fantastic Harry Potter Wand

Introduction: HPprojects's Fantastic Harry Potter Wand

Yeah, maybe you've made a Harry Potter wand from some other Instructable. Well, that's gonna look much better than what I'm posting! So if you want a wand that looks better, look elsewhere. Not to say these wands aren't just as fantastic. More so! If you're a hardcore fan like me, you probably thought a little about your wand. What gives? There's nothing inside it! That's what I thought. It's got to have feathers or something in it, to make it magical! Sure, you can't tell from looking at it, but you know what your wand is made of then. If you can carve a wand out of wood, you're lucky... but if you can't, and you're lazy like me, paper is a start! So keep reading if you want to make HPprojects's Fantastic Harry Potter Wand! (The pic is my wand!)

Step 1: Materials

Here's all you need. You can just find this stuff around the house, or the craft store, or even in your backyard.

white paper
acryllic paint (well that's what I like to use)
nail polish
glue (I use this Harry Potter glue :) no difference but it goes along)
small marble

And for the core you can use whatever you want. It should be quite magical, like a phoenix feather, unicorn hair, dragon heartstring, etc. You could always travel to Ollivander's to get these supplies, but you could also use a red feather, white string, or red yearn.
I thought some good ideas for cores are spider silk, any feathers, or whatever. My first idea was to take hair from my little sister's (who has almost white hair) hairbrush and use that as unicorn hair... But I ended up using a blue jay feather from my backyard.
Well, this is the first step. Roll the white paper slightly diagonally, so it looks like a wand shape somewhat. Sorry if that's vague, but it's that simple! :)

Step 2: Glue

When it looks like a wand, use the glue stick and glue the end of the paper to the wand. For this, you can see other instructables. Cut off the bottom so it is a good length. You can cut off the tip too, or you can just twist it to make it look pointy.

Step 3: Core

Find the core you want to use, and put it in the bottom of the wand. Then, take a marble that fits in the wand and put it in the bottom like a stopper. Make sure it's not gonna come out, then get liquid glue. Pour the glue over the marble until the wand is level with the glue. Actually, melted candle wax would work even better for this. Let it dry for a little.

Step 4: Paint

Whatever color you want, pick an acryllic paint color and use a paintbrush to paint your wand. Leave no white spots, and paint over the bottom where the dry glue or wax is as well. If you want to paint designs on the wand, wait for it to dry. Then use paint or nail polish, silver or gold is cool, for the design. For my wand I painted clear polish on after to give it a shiny look. Sparkles work fine too. When it's all dry, yaaaay! To make it more magical, and not smell like paint and nail polish, you can spray it with some body spray or something. Now you have a wand! Be careful, they snap as easy as paper.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    hi im pia i like ur craft bcoz its so easy and i can find it at my house but ill juz buy some things at the mall for that wand bcoz even if im an 11 yrs old gurl im a harry potter fan!and that wand gurl was actually a good idea
    im also searching for spells used at the ,movie coz im so much addicted to it!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks yea that's what I got the idea from, but I kinda screwed up since fans tend to add personal touches... yea and this became of it


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Fun project. Take a look at this site: Dad Can Do
    It's great site from the UK with several "wizarding" projects.