H.S.P.L (High Speed Projectile Launcher) PROTOTYPE Knex




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This is my H.S.P.L it is made with knex and lego mindstorms it is a form of minigun and fires 8 round in .5-1.5 seconds the lego isn't needed but makes it easier. SHOULD I POST IT!!!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    hey, you can use a dril, just treat the rod like a bit and trhere you go, a VERY fast gatling gun. probobly shoot all shots in 2 seconds though

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    Try 1/4 second. The motor in this slideshow can drive that to fire all the shots in under a second and a half. That type of motor can also move about ten pounds rolling (tried at camp, made a freaking tank with three NXT kits) at a decent speed.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ive just thought of the best way to shoot someone in a knex war which is... get a gattling gun(a knex one well duh), make as many i am canadains war bombs as the amount of barrels in the gattling gun atach each bomb to a rod and load them in to the barrel and shoot away (that would be cool and i am doing it

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    Not particularly intelligent unless the objective of the game is to injure the other players as much as possible.

    Hey, i'm stickin' up for ya! Lolz ... I FINISHED MY MINIGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shame it doesn't fire nothin' though.

    Incoming dude... "BEEP - Upload complete" And, this is a portable full size model. four barells, with 2 supports, on top + below. It uses the cyber k'nex dual motar, cos my single is 'stuffed full of battery acid' shall we say... lol. It gets pretty fast, once it gets going. i rlly nead some sorta RBG system on this to make it shoot stuff...


    mmm... but... if i changes the blue rods on the ends to green rod + orange connector + white rod, it fits perfectly... if i did that i could plate it... i'll see what i can do :-D