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Hello! This is my very first instructable!

-Opening roofs
-LOTS of seats
-Opening back emergency latch
-Spinning Propellers

Step 1: Yellow Connectors - Part 1: Building the Columns of Rows of Seats

First, connect 3 half yellow connectors to 2 green short rods. You will need 4 of these.

Step 2: Connecting - Part 1: Building the Columns of Rows of Seats

Next, do as shown in the picture. Look VERY closely. Both sides MUST be the same. Watch out for the spacers!!! They are kind of hidden in the picture.

Step 3: The Floor - Part 1: Building the Columns of Rows of Seats

Here you will make the floor out of white whole connectors and small green rods. Before you do this, make sure you add green small connectors on the middle top of the purple connectors. Also add white small rods to the end yellow connectors in the middle of all of the end yellow connectors as shown before adding the floor. Next, add white rods where the yellow boxes are. I forgot to add this on the picture but also add white rods on the sides of the middle connectors.

Step 4: Adding the Seats - Part 1: Building the Columns of Rows of Seats

Here you will add the seats using just long gray\purple connectors and blue short spacers. Stick the pieces on the white rods as shown in the picture. This should be an easy step to finish.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches of Part 1 - Part 1: Building the Columns of Rows of Seats

Now, you will make 4 of these seat pairs (do steps 1-5 over again 3 more times until you have 4 seat pairs) and stick them all together with green small rods. Now, you have the whole row of passenger seats!

Step 6: Rods - Part 2: Making the Walls

Here you will add rods to the sides of the floor.

Step 7: Orange Connectors - Part 2: Making the Walls

On this step you will put orange connectors on the rods on the side of your airplane as shown in the picture. Stick them together with green\black small rods. Add another row exactly the same (lined up) on top of it.

Step 8: Windows - Part 2: Making the Walls

Here you will get gray\purple connectors and put them on top of the orange connectors. Leave a little space in between each new gray\purple connector as shown in the picture. After this, put another row of gray\purple connectors on top of the other gray\purple connectors; exactly on top of them (lined up).

Step 9: Arches and Finishing Touches of Part 2 - Part 2: Making the Walls

On this step, put orange connectors on top of the windows just like you did for the bottom rows. After you do this, make arches out of green\yellow connectors. Make sure you space them out 5 blue rods away (this means there MUST be 3 blue rods in between). Some arches are stuck together. Use the picture to help you do this. Here is some helpful advice for making arches:
Making Arches- Stick 2 green\yellow connectors together using 1 green\black short rod. Make 2 of these. Now, stick them together with 1 green\black short rod. Now you have 1 arch.

Step 10: More Arches - Part 3: Building the Roof - Roof Instructions: Step 1

You would need 4 long gray\orange\black rods and several arches.
Here is the steps for building your roof.

Roof Instructions:
Step 1: Roofing - Part 3: Building The Roof

Get a long gray\orange\black rod and stick it through the very end hole (last piece with hole) as shown. Leave a little space to put a long gray\purple connector. After that, put 2 long gray\purple connectors on the long gray\orange\black rod. Make sure it is right next to the green\yellow connector.

Step 11: More Arches - Part 3: Building the Roof - Roof Instructions: Step 2

Step 2: Roofing - Part 3: Building The Roof
Continue with this process until you reach the end of the rod. It MUST end with a gray\purple connector and still have a little space left. (Do as shown above)

Step 12: Orange Connectors - Part 3: Building the Roofs

Before adding the orange connectors, do this to the other side and make the green connectors full arches (you don't have to take the green connectors off and make them arches, just build on to them).
After this step, put a gray\orange\black rod through the hole above the first hole of the green connector. Do what you did on the bottom but use orange connectors (facing up, just like the gray\purple connectors) instead of gray\purple connectors. Do this to the other side.
Once you have all of this done, push the gray\purple connectors in on both sides.
Your rooftop SHOULD look like this (look at picture above):

Step 13: Final Touches of Part 3 - Part 3: Building the Roofs

For the final touches of Part 3, you will secure your roof with white rods. Place the white rods where they are in the picture. (Flip your airplane over first) This is only one side of the roof. So, when your done with this side, do the same thing to the other side. Now, you are finished with your roofs! But.... not quite. You only have one roof done. Do steps 10 - 13 again 2 more times (or depending how long you made your airplane) until you have 3 (or 2 - many depending how long you made your airplane).
Now, you are ready to put on the roofs!!! Place the remaining amount of space on the gray\orange\black rods into the holes in the green connectors (you will need to bend the arches a little to fit them in).

Step 14: More Flooring - Part 4: Co-pilot and Pilot's Cockpit

This part was a little hard for me to shape out the front part of the plane. But... we're not to that step yet. We're on the flooring step (MORE flooring I should say)!!! For this step, make one more of those "Floor Thingies" except do only step 1 and add all green\black small rods instead of white\gray rods. In the front, do white rods though for the pilots seat.

Step 15: Curving the Front - Part 4: Co-Pilot and Pilot's Cockpit

This step i'm not representing to you. Build it yourself. I think my front looks really bad. If you find a better way, tell me and I would be more than happy to add it to the 'ible. If you want me to post my way, I will (5 people must vote for this "My Way" thing first".

Step 16: The Fin - Part 5: Building the Fin

Seriously people, you can build this part yourselves. It's easy!!! If you people whine about it though that you can't build it, I'll add it to the 'ible.

Step 17: The End!!! Your Finished!!!

And there you go folks! Please leave a like or comment! Thanks for your support!




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    5 years ago

    Opens roofs!!! Lots of seats!!! Amazing!!!

    Actually, I am going to edit this tomorrow and add a picture to the "-Picture Not Available-" things! That's what I'm going to do! YEAH! (there is more than 1 of those for some at the end). :D

    This would probably be featured if you had not used -Picture Not Available-. It is nicely done otherwise. I can tell that you are good. Do you build model things out of K'nex or just vehicles? Favorited and Subscribed.