I am using my 3D printer and the human skeleton as a base, To print a full size humanoid robot based on a real human. Using Party Ballons as muscles and an EZ Robot controller to control all the servos and a camera for facial recognition and object recognition and spacial awareness. Also speech recognition and Machine learning. I used tipex to whiten the teeth and will use sugru for the fleshing out of the gums and other features. Also I will 3D printing face plates for the facial features and use ninja flex for the muscles in the face to pull with motars to move the face plates (Eye brows E.T.C) and using linear rails and strong motors for the arms and legs also having ballon rubber as muscles in the fingers. I will then use EZ robot builder to give voice commands like (pick up the cup, and pour me a drink, chop the food) and program the movement for that command. This is my Hobbie and passion. I have no funding and work in a cafe Bar. I pay for everything my self and have a passion for futurism. As I earn more money I build more of this Humanoid bit by bit. The mission for me is to create the first Humanoid robot that cost less than 1 million dollars and has the fluid movement of a human. I hope to inspire many other people including my children.... that the only limit in life is our Imagination and anything is possible. I know I can make this walk and talk (Maybe even dance) Thank you for reading.... from Matthew O'Connor Waiter and bartender and at night a Robot making Ninja



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    mo connor

    1 year ago

    When I sad one less than 1 million dollars I meant (A robot that any one can build and afford)