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Hypno-Disc Spinner-
How to make a device that Relaxes you in one minute.The spinner can be made in one hour or so .
It is energized by finger motion and runs for up to 100 seconds. Reduces Stress in a short time.
Well,  its fun to make and watch it spin on your desk.

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Materials- 3 old CD discs. A round  wooden sphere with a hole through it for a 1/8 in diameter wood dowel. Glue such as Goop glue.
     The round wood sphere can be purchased at any craft store in the bead jewelry department.It should be about 3/4 inch diameter.
      The wood spinner handle can be a dowel or any 1/8 inch  by 2 inch rod .
       The hypnotic picture or disc surface - see the picture here-in. Adjust it to 4-3/4 diameter.


ASSEMBLY - Take at least 3 CDs and glue together with Goop glue at least at 4 places.
Let dry for a half hour or so.
 insert a dowell with one end pointed into the wood sphere. If it is a tight fit  then no gluing is needed.
Mount  the assembled stick and sphere onto the CD 's and glue on. Be sure the stick is perpendicular to the CD surfaces.  Thats it. Now cut out the surface image  and glue on topside.

Step 3: HOW TO USE

To use the spinner- Hold between  thumb and forefinger and spin it slowly then let loose.It should spin for at least 2 minutes using a heavy  set of 4 CD's. Or it will spin for 100seconds at least using 3 CD's in the stack.
    Look straight down on the spinning spirals and note the variations  and changing  directions as it spins. Concentrate only on the spinning spiral. You will be pleasantly surprised and relaxed.
[Note- this spiral was found in an old book of visually changing figures and one can picture any spiral one can find  instead of this spiral}.Have fun and make two - have a game- who can spin his or  her's  the longest to win.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    admin- I have re-edited and placed the main  image as requested.The image can be moved to the pc  hd disc then re-sized to the dimention shown [3.75 inches} to fit the CD.when it is cut out and pasted.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    There was a question via my e-mail which I answered. Q= why 3 CDs?
       A= one disc will have a low moment of inertia and wont spin as long  so I added more weight. Easiest way was to  stack  the discs. I could have added more discs but I wanted the rotation to be  about 100 seconds. More discs means  longer  rotation time.