Hack BabyDuino Bib

Introduction: Hack BabyDuino Bib

BabyDuino Bibs are a why to finance BabyDuino Project

What is BabyDuino?
BabyDuino is a baby monitor prototyping kit based on Arduino. Its objective is to provide a tool for monitoring biological data that are important for the welfare of a baby, such as body and environmental temperature, humidity, ... among others. Having this type of information can help identify patterns related to different sleep disorders (apnea), heart disease (related to sudden death),...

BabyDuino read the information through different sensors making the information visible in a mobile application, sending alerts when the data show an irregular behavior, such as elevated temperature, irregular heartbeat, etc..

BabyDuino will be designed to be secure and least intrusive possible.

BabyDuino is an open source project which means that anyone can improve it or adapt it to their needs, and the design of hardware and software will be shared.

BabyDuino is NOT a marketable product, is a prototyping kit, designed to advance in research and development around open hardware monitoring babies and dependents.

For the prototyping process we start from a multidisciplinary technical team. In order to complement our technical knowledge with project requirements, we are seeking collaborations in various fields such as pediatric professionals to help us parametrize the most appropriate values, professionals in the field of industrial design to help us with the packaging, design professionals, users to test it and give us feed back for improvement ...

Who is it for?:

.- For people who want change (expand or adjust) the functions, the idea is to create a learning community from BabyDuino that allows us to implement improvements over time.

.- Researchers, the kit will serve people to design new prototypes to monitor for dependents.

.- Educators, the kit will serve to train from the PBL methodology (project based learning)

Are you a doctor? Are you an engineer? Are you a maker? Are you developer? Are you a designer? Are you a professor? Do you like tinkering? Are you a parent? Feel free to be part of the development community BabyDuino! together we can learn a lot through an innovative project for society.

Step 1: Contenido De La Caja

Step 2: Otros Materiales Que Vas a Necesitar

Step 3: Hilo Conductivo

Step 4: Led Cosible

Step 5: Portapila

Step 6: Paso a Paso: Cortar Patrón Y Fieltro

Step 7: Colocar

Step 8: Circuito

Step 9: Corazón

Step 10: Pruebas

Step 11: The End

Recuerda que este circuito no se pueda lavar ni planchar.

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