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Introduction: Hack Bluetooth Headset

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Hi guys... Today we are going to convert a Bluetooth headset into a Bluetooth AUX. we all know that...most of the audio players are comes with AUX port but not with Bluetooth. So here... we are going to make one now and it will help to support Bluetooth to any audio player. The process is very simple but it worth lot. Here i used NOKIA BH 110 headset.

Step 1:

Open it with the help of any tool that fits. Separate the battery, mic, and speaker. Don't break anything because once we finish the work we need to put everything back to its original place

please take care while removing the components from the board because there might be a change of breaking the wire from the board

Step 2:

Now remove the speaker from the board

Make sure the battery is empty while doing all this operation

Step 3:

There are two type of aux jack

1. Male aux jack

2. Female aux jack

Both can be used for this purpose but I prefer female aux jack. in which we can use a male to male aux cable to extend the distance from the audio player

Negative wire is connected to outer part of jack and positive wire is connected to inner part of jack

Step 4:

Now connect the output of board ( which we used to connect speaker ) to AUX jack

connect red wire to the inner part of jack and black wire to the outer part of jack

Now place everything back to its original position

Make sure no wires are broken

Step 5:

Yes... we are done !!!!!!!!

Now charge the headset....

Plug it in....





Have Fun.........



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    9 Discussions

    A little amp would be nice at the end. It might be a little quiet

    3 replies

    thank you for the suggestion. :)

    The sound is pretty good already, that's why I haven't used any amp

    it doesn't matter who is having the better one... we all did it... that's the spirit! :)

    yeah, But it is far better than an useless Bluetooth headset ! ;)