Hack Dremel to Make Clay Extruder




Introduction: Hack Dremel to Make Clay Extruder

For making extruder one can use dremel rotary tool by hacking Dremel flexible shaft or Dremel head ,As dremel have speed controlling options so one can save time to program the controller to control the speed of motors here also save cost of motor, here I am using flexible dremel shaft this to make clay extruder, I am getting desirable torque from this one can also make gear arrangement to get desirable output

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Step 1: Requirements

for making clay extruder using dremel tool you need dremel rotary tool, flexible rotary dremel shaft, 3d printed extruder, 5 mm nut, bearing and machine screw and clay to test, i have designed extruder parts and you can download and 3d print parts to start with or make your own similar kind of design

Step 2: Hacking Dremel Head

for using dremel rotary shaft in place of the motor one have to fix this rotary shaft on dremel head for this remove top head attached and fix flexible rod inside the shaft at dremel head,now take nut and weld machine screw on one side of nut as shown and fix rotary dremel shaft on another side of the nut , this arrangement will allow dremel to control screw motion one can change the speed of dremel to change the speed of rotating the screw

Step 3: Extruder Assembly

for preparing extruder assembly remove support from all 3d printed files now fix bearing inside screw holder as shown and attach nozzle on the top of screw holder now put screw holder in extruder casing and fix the screw inside the screw holder

Step 4: Testing

For testing assemble extruder as shown now this is ready to extrude the clay.

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    2 years ago

    That's an interesting way to mod it, do you have any photos of it in action?