Hack / Break in Tight Hiking Shoes

About: Hack like an Egyptian!

I bought a new pair of a good hiking shoes, they have good reputation but also known for being a little narrow.

The problem is when I get the right size, it is a little narrow in the
toes and if I get the larger size, my feet will move around in the shoes too much which will lead to a poor performance on tricky terrain.

I have decided to buy the right size , yes "The Narrow one" , but to avoid injuring my feet I have made This hack.

My solution in this instructable is driven from a device found in the shoe-repair shop that stretches the shoes to help alleviate localized boot-fitting problems.

Step 1: Bring a Slipper!

I used a slipper that have a hard outsole with the same size as the shoes.

Step 2: Fit the Slipper Inside.

Fit the slipper inside the shoes carefully , It shouldn't be easy but you have to push the slipper till it reach the big toe area.

Now leave it like that and after one week you will have the perfect fit hiking shoes ;) .

Attention: DON'T use water or any chemicals/conditioners with this hack.

Enjoy your Hiking trip :)



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