Hack Lego for Everyday Life

Introduction: Hack Lego for Everyday Life

Hey there!

Lego, not only useful to create dreams, it might become very useful for everyday life!

For storing things like: your keys, TV Controller, small lego pieces ( which you don't know where to put them!)

Also a smartphone docking station or a wagon useable on your table to transport butter!

Or an office organiser to keep your markers apart from the pencils.

The purpose of this article is not to show you step by step how to build it, but it's more of an inspiration source.

Have a good look, unleash your creativity , and enjoy building!

Step 1: Key Hanger

Having trouble with finding stuff?

And most important of all: your car keys or house keys ?

Well, we have a solution! It's a very useful Key Hanger,

specially made for the Lego keys rings (picture of one included, you can make these yourself)!

It's not difficult to build, it's just fun!

You start off with a simple rectangle plate, at the top, you write/build a word, not to long, for example: Home

Take Lego parts to hold your keys (the grey struts on the 3rd picture), put on some decoration, and you are almost done!

You need to make an attachment to hang it up the wall, we used a Lego Technic part to hold it up with a nail.

look at the pictures and build one yourself, making life easier

Step 2: TV Controller Case

Want some decoration on your Controllers?

Here's what we did!

The steps are the following:

First, get a controller where you want to see a case on!

Start with a bottom plate, with the right dimensions for your controller

Afterwards place your bricks around the controller, until the desired height.

As you see, this isn't hard to build.

Step 3: Smartphone Holder

Your Smartphone, where do you put in?

A holder, designed especially for Smartphones, but also adaptable to regular phones.

This machine can hold your Smartphone, you can turn it around, and is easy to build.

First of all make a platform with a turntable mounted in the middle. then, you build a 2nd platform on the turntable, now your possibilities are virtually unlimited. We've added some Lego Technic parts to give it an industrial look, but that's up to you.

Step 4: Butter Train

This is the butter wagon, to build if you have some spare Lego tracks.

It's a very useful way to pass a piece of butter to the other person at the table.

You start off with an egg-shaped railroad track (Depends on the shape of your table )

Get yourself a train, Pick a wagon, convert it by surrounding the butter using a Lego support.

Make it sturdy enough or the butter will fall on/off the table.

Have a great diner with this Butter Train!

Step 5: Minifigure Box

So this is it, the minifigure box.

Its not only for your minifigures, but also for small parts like: diamonds, guns, little animals, food and so on.

First you have to make a basis, it has to be smooth to move the drawer in and out.

once you have done that, you can begin with the walls around the box so you can move the actual drawer in it.

Now the drawer itself, it doesn't matter which colours you use in the basis like you can see on the pictures.

You also need to make a handle to move the box in and out.

After you made the box it's time to cover the floor, the colour choice is up to you.

As for the floor of the drawer, you can make different structures, this one is my choice, so it's just a question of taste.

then you cover up the box and your minifigure box is finished, now you can decorate by putting minifigures on it or build an actual building on top.

enjoy keeping your precious pieces together!!

Step 6: Office Organiser

Sick of al the mess lying around your desk, or you can't find that marker?

Why don't you build something, so everything can be found easily?

That's why I build this construction, very simple, yet amazingly practical.

First of all you start off with a 'floorplan', you decide what objects you want to store in it, I chose a calculator, a tape-holder, a post-it-case and other stuff like pencils and markers.

Once you have done that, it's up to you to build the walls up and finish off the office organiser.

Step 7: Conclusion

I hoped you enjoyed our Lego Lifehacks.

Use your imagination to build an alternative to our builds, or build something entirely new.

We enjoyed it thoroughly and Lego is a toy bringing generations back together, it's highly recommended (by us) to build anything with anyone.

Please give us a vote in the Brick contest, that would be awesome.

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