Hack: Smartphone Controlled Blender

Introduction: Hack: Smartphone Controlled Blender

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Here at Orbotix, we like to geek out. Our developers and engineers are constantly coming up with fun hacks, from a Sphero chariot that carries beer to a supercharged potato gun. Running on a charge of Red Bull and fueled by each other’s antics, there’s never a dull moment in the office. And now it’s your turn to get involved.

Check out our Smartphone Controlled Blender hack in the video above. Does it get your gears flowing? Show us your hack, and we’ll show you ours! Send in photos or video of your coolest invention every week via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and we’ll pick our favorite to win a free Sphero*. Your hacks don’t have to be related to Sphero (bonus points if they are), and can have anything to do with inventions and  gadgetry in general. Got a souped-up alarm clock? A tricked out trike? We want to see your coolest creations and modifications, no matter what it is you hacked.

Go ahead. Embrace your geekiness. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the entries roll in, and stay posted for more Orbotix hacks and nerdy inspiration in the weeks to come by subscribing to our YouTube channel. *Note that we’ll only give away a Sphero to entries that really impress us or make us laugh, so if nothing comes in that gets our whole team excited then you’ll have to try harder!

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