Turn a $3 Microphone Pop Filter Into a Sound Reflection Filter Simple!

Introduction: Turn a $3 Microphone Pop Filter Into a Sound Reflection Filter Simple!

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Reflection filters are very useful for eliminating external noises, especially around the home. Having a dog snoring in the background prompted me to look for a solution, but I found these filters to be very expensive, for what they are: A frame with foam and mesh layers circling your microphone to shield it from the fridge freezer or maybe a computer fan.
This will enhance your podcast / Internet Radio experience, even make your voice like a Nightingale (Scrub that last comment) :)

So how do you avoid paying $80 - 150 and still get the satisfaction of enhanced audio output?

The answer is surprisingly simple and involves only two steps.

I have put together a very short video so you can see just how easy it is.

First Step...........................

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Step 1: Order a Wrap Around Pop Filter

These are available on Ebay for around $3 including postage from China, or if your in a hurry you can pay a little more for one in your own Country.

You will also need some packing sponge around "1/2 - "3/4" thick

Step 2: Cut the Foam to Correct Length and Width With Scissors

You will need to trim your packing sponge / foam to fit the inside of your Pop filter and insert it. Be careful not to damage the sponge as this will be your noise reducer.

The pop filter comes with two layers of mesh to screen out harsh noises but this alone is not sufficient to reduce home noises down to barely audible and even eliminated altogether.
I have a studio microphone and use it for podcasts and radio interviews.
This reflection filter has greatly improved the mic performance by reducing external noises.

Hope you found this Instructable useful and thanks for watching the video and flipping through the steps.


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